Friday, June 5, 2015

Sweet Shandy

On a recent trip to Spain I saw someone order a gorgeous frothy drink and found out it was Shandy.  I've had the bottled version a few times in the US but never a hand mixed draft beer with sweet lemonade, it was so delicious and refreshing, nothing like what I had before.

A few years ago I tried a Coronarita - it was a large frozen margarita with a mini bottle of corona stuck in the top, the beer mixes in as you drink the margarita.  It was fantastic and rapidly became one of my favorite drinks.  Honestly, I never knew you could mix beer with so many other things.

So, after I got back from my trip I was on a mission to start making these drinks at home and have found so many wonderful variations.  I like using light beer and make my juice mix from scratch (simple syrup, fruit juice, water) but you can use any products that you like.  Here are my favorites so far.  Salud!

Limeade (tastes like a Coronarita), Lemonade, Lemon/Lime, Ginger/Lemon, Strawberry/Lime

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